I've installed UnRarX, now how do I extract files from the RAR Archive?
The easiest way to begin extracting your rar archive is to launch the UnRarX application and drag your rar archive into the main window.
Extraction fails with CRC Error.
One or more of your rar archives may be damaged. If you have a par2 file that accompanies your rar files, simply drag your par2 file into UnRarX window to begin recovery process.
UnRarX can't extract rar archive or cannot write to File Directory?
In some cases, depending on the permission's settings on your computer UnRarX is unable to extract files from the rar archive. My advice in this situation is to try extracting the files to your "Desktop" instead of the "File Directory".
Extraction fails because your rar file is password protected?
In order to extract password protected rar files you must follow the following procedure:
  • Click on Toolbar Item labeled "Password"(a sheet should slide down from main application window)
  • Enter your Password
  • Click OK button
  • Drag your file into the UnRarX window to begin extraction.
Do you have plans to support unace in UnRarX?
UnRarX is a GUI application that accesses unix command line applications(unrar, par2) at this time there is no unace command line application available for Mac OS X so we are unable to add this functionality to the program.

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